Quarterly software trends report: The State of Apps – Q1 2009


Some of the key findings revealed include:

  1. Facebook usage is consistent throughout working and non-working hours. Daily activity on social networks across all regions peaked on average between 9 and 10 PM. Daily activity across all web applications was highest between 4 and 5 PM.
  2. Twitter continued its growth spike throughout the entire first quarter of 2009 with a heavy increase in March 2009. Tweetdeck ranked first among users who posted updates to Twitter via desktop with Twhirl a close second.
  3. The most popular newcomer among Twitter clients, as well as overall apps on Mac is Destroy Twitter.
  4. The most popular newcomers on Windows are games, Burnout Paradise and Mirror’s Edge.
  5. Windows Live Hotmail and Symbaloo were the fastest gainers among web apps while Google Friend Connect and Veoh showed the greatest decline.
  6. Google Chrome is making a significant impact on the browser market with 15% usage across all countries and age groups. The Opera browser market has its highest adoption levels in Europe. Firefox is the dominant browser of choice worldwide for Wakoopa users.
  7. The game, World of Warcraft has its highest percentage of usage in Asia.
  8. Windows Live Messenger is the dominant IM client on Windows worldwide
    and across all age groups. This differs in North America however, where IM usage is divided among several 3rd party IM clients, including Skype and Digsby.

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